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We have three different opportunities to participate in the restoration and protection business.

The first is as a Certified Vivilon ARME Contractor. After completing a 2-3 Day “Hands On” Application and Sales training course, we start you off with an initial marketing program to begin getting business. To help you in that regard we assist you with a publicity press release, several unique online marketing programs and help creating a three page website for you to use with search engine optimization for your area. In addition, we help you write the home page so it will be search engine “friendly” and further help you get it listed by Google in a few days instead of the months long process you would normally be faced with going thru.

*** Special LOW COST Winter Opportunity: We are reducing our regular $7500 ARME contractor Business Opportunity so you will have everything you need to be able to do ALL applications with not only the best sales training, technical support, your own website, FREE web, magazine, convention & referral leads

If you ever wanted to get into business for yourself but not by yourself, this is your chance. But, act now, once these Three equipment sets are gone…this opportunity will also be gone.***

There is no extra fee for the training, website assistance, marketing program or advertising support. There is NO commitment to buy any given quantity of product in the future to maintain your contractor status.

While you have no assigned territory, until we have a dealer or distributor in your area, ALL inquiries, whether from our website,, web forums, advertising in the over 150 trade and consumer magazines we will be appearing in this year or the trade conferences and expositions we exhibit in, will be offered to you.

If you want to make a greater commitment to the clear coating business, you may want to consider a dealership or distributorship investment. These begin with an investment of $15,000 and involve an assigned territory and a performance guarantee to maintain it.

We are so certain that anyone we accept as a dealer or distributor will be successful at the business of surface restoration and protection (if they follow our marketing business plan), that we offer a one year 100% money-back guarantee. Further information can be obtained by calling our toll free number 800-VIVILON� or 800-848-4566.

If you are truly interested in restoring and protecting people’s personal or business property, we would be interested in your call. For further background information on our business opportunity, you can read the following articles:

Thank You!

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